Red Ribbon Week – It’s Your Choice!

National-Red-Ribbon-LogoRed Ribbon Week? What does it mean? What is the interpretation? Does it mean we are vulnerable? Yes, absolutely it does! In every aspect of our lives! It means we are also held accountable. The choices that we make are not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones, our friends, our co-workers. Every decision we make affects someone, whether the result is good or bad. That is why we have Red Ribbon Week! It is a mental check to remind us what we need to do every day, all year round, that can and will directly affect someone close to us.

What does Red Ribbon Week mean to you? Is it a way to help a friend stay off drugs? Is it a way to help a family member with alcoholism? Is it a way to keep your boyfriend from drinking and driving? Is it a way to keep your girlfriend from texting and driving? Red Ribbon Week is all of the above! It is a way to remind each one of us that we are NOT invincible! It is also a way to stand up to peer pressure and not be bullied into a situation that you are not comfortable with! It means that we must take a stand for what is right and hope that the result of our choices does not result in death!

Making the pledge is telling your family and friends that you have taken on a role of self-respect and confidence and that you have made a commitment not to do DRUGS, not to get mixed up with ALCOHOL, to BUCKLE your seat belt, not to TEXT and DRIVE, not to DRINK and DRIVE, not to BULLY another individual and not to give into PEER PRESSURE by any form!


Julie and Austin Breitenstein, Motivational Speakers
Wichita, Kansas

Julie Breitenstein’s son, Austin, sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a texting and driving accident. For the past 3 1/2 years, Austin and his family have learned that there are many things to be thankful for. “The miracle I have is my son, who survived when he should not have!”

2 thoughts on “Red Ribbon Week – It’s Your Choice!

  1. Julie and Austin well said! A lot of times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle called “Life” and forget that our actions don’t just affect us but what we do has a ripple effect on those who know and care about us directly or indirectly. By the choices we make, we have an opportunity to be a “Change Agent” in someone’s life be it positive or negative. Participating in Red Ribbon Week should be about being a positive “Change Agent” in all aspects of your life everyday and not just the week of Red Ribbon. I hope your blog reaches someone during Red Ribbon Week and that they challenge themselves to make a Difference not just this week but everyday!

  2. Well said! Everyone needs to understand that Red Ribbon Week isn’t just for a week. It’s to celebrate during the whole year! Taking the pledge isn’t just so you say that you are going to stay drug free. It is also saying that you’ll help others to make that choice. I think that those who want to make a change needs to start with themselves.