Reach out, Reach in and Reach up!

Pinned above my desk is my first Red Ribbon that I have ever received I keep it there as a constant reminder of my purpose on the planet. I am not here as a businessman, but I am here to leave the world better than I found it. Red Ribbon is all about the reaches in life. Each day we are given the opportunity to reach in three different ways. Reach out, Reach in and Reach up!

Reach out to others because we are all going through something in life and by reaching out to others we can support them in having a better day.

Reach inside to ask ourselves are we really living with a higher purpose. Are we taking the time to reflect upon our day and focus on the things that really matter in our lives?

Reach up to a higher standard, set and achieve goals that cause us to be more today than we were yesterday.

I know that if I go through my days being present with the people I care about, that if I keep a smile on my face and love in my heart, that if I work toward the greater good in my daily interactions that I have a chance to leave my world better than I found it.

This week is a reminder that we need to live everyday reaching, and knowing that we can be our best all year long. This year when you get your Red Ribbon, put it in a place where you can see it to remind yourself to keep reaching. © 2013
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For the past 20+years Bill Cordes has been teaching teachers, teens, college students and business professionals better ways to live their days. He is best know as “The YOGOWYPI Guy” because of his unique presentation style called, “The YOGOWYPI Experience”.  ”The YOGOWYPI Experience” is a unique blend of stories, humor, audience interaction and powerful messages that get participants involved and thinking about using different life strategies that can empower them to living a better life.

Bill is has co-authored 6 books for teens, teachers and college students, and is the author of “The YOGOWYPI Factor”. Bill has spoken in 49 states, and Canada to well over 2.5 million participants. In his programs Bill draws on his life experience from being a former high school teacher, college instructor, coach, television talk show host, husband and father of four.