Plan (The) (Addictions – HIV)


This program is a unique and inspiring look at the lives of two individuals, Robert and Eileen, who both carry the double burden of being HIV positive and addicted. By sharing their thoughts and experiences about recovery, they present a clear picture of the denial and unmanageableness of addiction, and for many, the life-threatening consequences of an addictive lifestyle. Medical professionals also share their expertise with addiction, the parallels with HIV issues and the benefits of participating in a 12-Step Recovery Program. Together, Robert, and Eileen effectively convey to viewers that living with addiction and HIV means that one lives not with a fatal disease, but with a chronic illness. As with any illness, one must stop self-destructive behavior, take care of one’s health, and then reclaim the gifts that await: self-esteem, friendship, freedom and the ability to have a future and a healthy lifestyle. Running Length – 38 min.

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