Next Generation (The) – The Moyers Collection: Close To Home (Tape 4)


Experts are increasingly focusing on prevention efforts based on community and family. This documentary looks at two of those efforts. One works with parents addicted to heroin by teaching them how to repair the damage to family wrought by drug abuse, and in spite of it, how to raise strong, resilient children. In a second program, vigilant counselors in Dade County schools watch for kids at risk of becoming drug addicts, and offer immediate counseling for those who are already involved with drugs. Nicotine addiction is addressed by a program that provides classes designed to prevent students from smoking, and another that helps them stop if they’ve already begun to smoke. School officials, counselors, and students are interviewed. (Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Life Skills)  Running Length – 57 minutes.  Year Produced – 1998.

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