Rushing, Crashing, Dying: The Meth Epidemic


Program takes viewers on a tour of the disastrous consequences of methamphetamine abuse. Going beyond the health risks of this increasingly popular drug, recovering meth addicts describe damage to family relationships, burns and disfigurement from lab explosions, and the problems they face finding work or completing school. Beginning with a police raid on a lab, this documentary-style video/DVD interviews law enforcement authorities, hospital ER doctors, social workers, and recovered addicts and their families, to show the horrors of meth abuse. Viewers learn how meth destroys the brain and body of users, how meth lab toxins poison children living in and near the meth labs, how police, emergency services, and social services are overwhelmed by the epidemic. The wide path of destruction cut by meth abuse is vividly portrayed and the personal costs to meth addicts, and to society, of unfulfilled dreams, destroyed lives, broken families, and devastated communities.  (Close Captioned)  Year Produced: 2006.  Running Time: 25 minutes.

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