Free Your Mind – 4 Tape Series


Part I: Perceptions and Priorities (Running length – 19 minutes) This tape is intended to encourage individuals to identify problems and draw parallels between their perceptions and subsequent thoughts. Part II. Choices and Consequences (Running length – 40 minutes) This program illustrates ideas and attitudes that are common and often very self-defeating such as: “I know it all.” “I’ll quit tomorrow.” “I’m doing what I have to do for survival.” “Society owes me!” Part III. Abstinence, Awareness, Choice and Change (Running length – 16 minutes) This program discusses abstinence from destructive lifestyles, awareness of one’s thoughts and their impact, and choice in attitude and change of action. Moves from abstinence to action, taking responsibility and being open for ones choices. Part IV From Chains to Change (Running length – 51 minutes) This program contrasts the ideas, attitudes and behaviors outlined in Program 2 by encouraging the daily practice of life-affirming behaviors. The tape also provides concrete examples of how others in recovery have integrated principles such as open-mindedness, positive action, personal responsibility and acceptance into their lives.   Year Produced: 2003.

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