Elephant in the Living Room


The video is an allegorical dramatization of the denial and secrecy that pervades life in an alcoholic home or any other type of dysfunctional family. The film points out the need for awareness and the amount of courage necessary to expose the “elephant” of addiction and dysfunction in our “living rooms” and expel the “no-talk rules” from our lives. “Elephant in the Living Room” emphasizes the importance of talking about each family member’s feelings rather than pretending they don’t exist. The “elephant” helps you to disperse the fear and shame that enmesh families in shrouds of secrecy. The film is an excellent catalyst for discussion among co-dependents, adult children of alcoholics, children of trauma, and addicts alike because it focused on issues that confront each member of a dysfunctional family. This captivating story provides insight into dysfunctional and alcoholic homes while exploring the childhood trauma brought on by addiction, rage and other inappropriate parental behavior. Running Length – 25 min.

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