D.A.R.E. To Be Aware: Michael’s Story


Eighteen-year-old Michael is given expense and emergency money to house sit for a neighbor. However, Michael and his friend Jason pocket the money and head for the local drug dealer. When Michael and Jason inadvertently spill $800 worth of cocaine, the dealer angrily gives them 24 hours to come up with the money. The teens decide to burglarize the home Michael is supposed to be house sitting, and help themselves to jewelry and other valuables, also ransacking the house to make their break-in seem less of an “inside” job. To the teens’ dismay, a neighbor had seen them breaking in, and police are waiting for them as they beat a hasty retreat through a rear window. Shows how far people will go when they are using drugs. (Peer Pressure) Running¬† Length – 12 min. Date Produced – 1993

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