Get Involved

Starting a SADD Chapter is a great way to get involved with Students Against Destructive Decisions. Here you will find great tips on how to get your SADD chapter started.

How to start a SADD Chapter

  • Register online at
  • Contact your SADD State Coordinator: Kansas Family Partnership, 1.800.206.7231 or
  • Recruit participants
  • Work with or designate your chapter advisor
  • Organize your chapter, including electing and delegating officer responsibilities
  • Make meetings informative, interesting and fun
  • Ensure that each individual feels included and get the scoop on group dynamics in a meeting
  • Plan fundraising ideas that are fun and profitable so you can attend the KS SADD conference in April!
  • Each SADD chapter is unique. You will decide what activities work best within your community. You may decide to form a chapter at school, but you can also establish a SADD chapter in places of worship or in community centers. Sometimes youth groups decide to form SADD chapters. Remember: SADD is open to all students. It is an inclusive organization.
  • Students work together in the chapter to spread SADD’s message about the following:
    • SADD’s “No Use” position in regard to alcohol
    • The elimination of death and injury due to underage drinking, impaired driving, and other destructive behaviors
    • Information about the dangerous consequences related to the use of alcohol and other drugs