Kansas Underage Drinking Documents

State of the State on Underage Drinking By the Numbers – NEW!
This document illustrates the impact of alcohol use on youth development, rates of alcohol use among Kansas youth and costs of alcohol use to Kansas residents and the state budget. For document references, click here.

Fast Facts: Underage Drinking in Kansas
This document outlines Kansas costs of underage drinking, problems associated with underage drinking, tips for parents on reducing underage drinking and more.

State of the State Regarding Social Hosting
This document reviews the Kansas social host law, how it has been enforced since the law was enacted, why addressing youth access is important and more.

State of the State Regarding Underage Drinking
This document offers an extensive look at underage drinking costs to Kansas, including current policies and taxation and how changes in programs, policies and practices could reduce underage drinking.

Small Change, Big Difference
This document provides data on the burdens of alcohol abuse and addiction to Kansas, describes current tax policy and outlines potential benefits of increased alcohol taxes.

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