About Kansas Leadership

The Kansas Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free committee is a coalition of partners working to educate and change the public’s perception of underage drinking. The Committee develops and distributes resources about underage drinking for use by groups thought Kansas. Through public service announcements, a State of the State Regarding Underage Drinking white paper, a statewide campaign that is aimed at reaching parents and others who may provide alcohol to minors entitled Not In Our House, as well as working with partners across the state, Kansans will see that underage drinking is not a “rite of passage” for Kansas youth.

Kansas Leadership to Keep Alcohol Free is a member of The Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation, a unique coalition of current and former governors’ spouses, federal agencies, and public and private organizations, whose initiative is to prevent the use of alcohol by children ages 9 to 15. It is the only national effort that focuses on alcohol use in this age group. It is also the oldest and largest organization of governors’ spouses focused on a single issue. Currently, 75% of governors’ spouses or their representatives are members.


  • To reduce the use of alcohol by youth in Kansas


  • To educate the public about the incidence and impact of early alcohol use by Kansas youth
  • To energize the public to address this issue within their families, schools and communities in a sustained way and to work for change
  • To focus the attention of state policy makers and opinion leaders on the seriousness of the problem of alcohol use by young children
  • To make the reduction of alcohol use by children a state priority

Kansas Leadership Committee Members:

Michelle Voth – Committee Chair, Kansas Family Partnership
Teresa Briggs – Flint Hills Regional Prevention Center
Angie Brown – Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services
Irene Caballero – Safe Streets Coalition
Gary Caruthers – Kansas Medical Society
Steve Halbett – Kansas Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety
Jim Hanni – AAA Kansas
Holly Higgins – Kansas Farm Bureau
Ed Klumpp – Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
Joseph Kotsch – Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Janelle Martin – Douglas County Community Health Improvement Project
Peggy Mast – Kansas House of Representatives
Mike Padilla – Kansas Department of Revenue, Alcoholic Beverage Control
Kristi Pankratz – Safe Streets Coalition
Tom Sanchez – Cumulus Radio
Walter Schoemaker – Kansas Department of Revenue
Casey Simoneau – Kansas Highway Patrol
Jane Stueve – Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Norraine Wingfield – Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office