Order KFP Resources Before RADAR Center Closes By Holidays

RADAR Center Holiday MaterialsTo increase the impact of the agency’s work, Kansas Family Partnership is changing its services to provide more direct support to individuals and organizations across the state. As a result, KFP is distributing its remaining print resources and closing its Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resources (RADAR) Center. Video resources will be available for checkout with a mailing service charge for non-local residents beginning January 4. With the end of the year approaching, all RADAR Center print resources must go before the holidays. These resources are available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis with limited quantity availability. To secure resources before the end of the year, orders must be submitted to KFP no later than December 4. Order RADAR Center resources online or contact KFP at 1.800.206.7231 or ksfampart@kansasfamily.com for more information.