National Drug Facts Week 2013: January 28th – February 3rd

As youth across the country kick start 2013 with resolutions and goals for the new year, January is the perfect time to activate your prevention efforts and arm youth with drug facts and resources. January 28–February 3, 2013 is  the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s (NIDA) National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) – a health observance week to help teens shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse and to get factual answers through community-based events and activities. NIDA encourages communities across the country to organize educational events and activities for local teens to start the conversation about how drugs affect the brain, body, and behavior.

In observance of National Drug Facts Week, the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s “Above the Influence” (ATI) campaign encourages community partners to work with local teens, schools, or community groups to organize an event or activity to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use. To equip community partners with guidance on how to successfully plan activities during Drug Facts Week, NIDA offers an online toolkit, complete with the booklet Drug Facts: Shatter the Myths; suggestions on how to plan activities in your community; and ideas on how to find experts to take part in local events.

The online toolkit and other FREE materials for teens are available on the National Drug Facts Week website, including the National Drug IQ challenge quiz which will become available on January 28 – the beginning of Drug Facts Week.

The “Above the Influence” campaign also provides community leaders with the ATI Activities Toolkit – a suite of activities designed to engage youth in a dialogue about the negative effects of substance use and other risky behaviors. Partners are welcome to use these materials as a supplemental resource when developing activities and tactics in addressing issues of influence, peer pressure, and risky behaviors during National Drug Facts Week. For questions or information about “Above the Influence”, please contact us at

For more information on National Drug Facts Week, including how to register your event, become a partner, or connect on Facebook, please visit the NDFW website or call 301-443-1124.