Lawrence High School Youth Shatter the Myths About Marijuana and Hookah

The FYI Draw the Line Club at Lawrence High School, a youth group whose goal is to prevent their peers from participating in destructive behaviors, conducted several education and awareness activities during National Drug Facts Week, January 27 РFebruary 2, 2014.

National Drug Facts Week activities at Lawrence High School included:

  • FYI Draw the Line Club members wore t-shirts all week saying “The most harmful drug is the one you are using” on the front and facts about hookah and marijuana on the back.
  • Students were encouraged to engage Club members in discussion about drug facts and were rewarded with a water bottle and a fact sheet with more myth-shattering information about drugs.
  • On Tuesday, January 28, FYI Draw the Line Club members participated in National Drug Facts Week Chat Day, sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). NIDA’s scientists answered questions from teens across the nation live online during Chat Day.
  • Drug facts that shatter myths were shared over the intercom during daily announcements.

The FYI Draw the Line Club also received coverage from 6 News Lawrence for their National Drug Facts Week activities, and NIDA scientists answered 11 of their questions during National Drug Facts Chat Day. Congratulations to Club members on their success in shattering the myths about marijuana and hookah!