Being a positive role model for youth

I grew up in a small town everyone knew everybody. It wasn’t until I had started a job in prevention that I realized what a valuable asset it was to my growing up years living in a small town. No matter what the situation is being a positive role model for youth is always important rather it be showing good sportsmanship, being drug and alcohol free or having a positive look to life. Being apart of Red Ribbon, and the Kansas Youth Leadership set examples as how much all of these things are important to our youth. It was an honor for me to be the Red Ribbon chair and working with youth. If you want youth to be alcohol and drug free it is important they see it and live it, lead by example. I feel very blessed to have worked with an organization with such great youth so full of excitement to spread the positive message of living a substance free lifestyle.

Red Ribbon is a National event that helps everyone feel the support and that no one is standing alone in the fight against substance abuse. It is an awesome feeling when you see the Red Ribbons around and know that no one standing allow. The one things I always remember that was given to all youth that attended any of the trainings is You Only Get out What you put in, YOGOWYPI – thanks Bill Cordes. I have continued to use that phrase with my family always. No one has to feel they are standing alone in their work against substance abuse. Red Ribbon Campaign and Kansas Family Partnership  are always there to provide help and support.

One thought on “Being a positive role model for youth

  1. Great Blog Maria! You are right in that it is important to remember the example you are setting for others – especially in a small town. It only takes a few positive role models in a small community to help support a drug-free culture. Also, the unity of this week is so important. One of my favorite sayings is “you can’t grow what you don’t know”. Spreading the Red Ribbon message is a crucial step in bringing awareness of these issues to our communities. Thank you for all that you do for Red Ribbon!