Advocacy Toolkit
Advocacy is an important part of our society in helping to create public policy and laws that affect the citizens of our state. Our Advocacy Toolkit has been designed to serve as a guide for local and state advocates working in substance abuse prevention in Kansas. If you are new to advocacy or looking for a refresher on how to develop an advocacy plan, download our Advocacy Toolkit to assist you in your efforts.

Remember, learning the issues and educating others on the best ways to garner support for those issues takes effort and dedication. If you care about an issue, it is essential that you become comfortable in the role of an advocate. Once you have gone through the advocacy process, the experience you gain will add to your future advocacy strategy and make facilitating the process easier in the future.

Marijuana Toolkit
KFP has developed materials related to marijuana.Two items are currently available for download. If you would like to order printed materials of these, please contact the KFP office at 800-206-7231.

For additional information on marijuana, visit the Marijuana Resource Center website, sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. This resource provides information on: