A Post for the Red Ribbon Blogging Enthusiast


I hope you have enjoyed this week of informational blogging and are ready for the Red Ribbon “Mystery Blogger of the Week.” Today’s blog message is going to challenge you to recall blogs from earlier in the week and try to match up a phrase from the blog post to the blogger.  While matching them up, take a minute to think about how the phrase can help you make a difference in your life and how that will affect people around you now and in the future.

As the “Mystery Blogger of the Week,” I will give you clues about my identity for you to figure out who I am. The first person to respond to KFP at ksfampart@kansasfamily.com with the correct answer of my identity and the correct pairings of bloggers and phrases (see below) will receive a Red Ribbon prize package. So read on, using the details in my post to put together the clues as the mystery of my identity unfolds.

Clue #1: I have made a career of finding ways to meet people and educate them on being proactive, positive and safe. These things are not always easy to do when you work in law enforcement. The “law enforcement family” in Kansas has made it a priority to connect with the people they protect and serve. We police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers are connected by living in the communities that we serve and being involved in the schools, churches and civic organizations that have programs (Red Ribbon Campaign, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Kansas Youth Leadership Summit and Seatbelts Are For Everyone) that help educate and protect the future leaders of this country.  I believe DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena had this same connection, but on a different level with the same goal – protecting the future leaders of this country.

Clue #2: As a Kansas Red Ribbon State Committee member, I get to continue my career of educating those I encounter with a proactive, positive attitude and safe alternatives to the concerns they have about situations that they or someone they care about may be dealing with in their lives. Making the facts known and educating everyone so they can make their own decisions on important, life-changing topics, such as legalizing marijuana, is a never-ending battle. The facts are out there, and with the crime rates and vehicle death rates in Colorado increasing since the law change, it is clear to me that we DO NOT need another legal recreational drug in the United States. We as a society cannot effectively handle the responsibility or control of one legal drug, alcohol.  So what makes anyone think that we can handle another “legal” drug?

Clue #3: Future leaders of America, educate yourselves beyond the mainstream media, and see what options exist for medical pain relief for patients, one which can already be prescribed by a doctor.  Educators, law enforcement and doctors have always been in the media as people you can trust for accurate information regarding “best practices” and “tough choices” on concerns in your community. So ask questions, do the research and prepare yourself for the future, and lead this country down a path of greatness with the Kansas Highway Patrol’s motto of Service, Courtesy and Protection.

Can you figure out who I am, the “Mystery Blogger of the Week”?


Carol Spiker
Herman Jones
Michelle Voth
Donald Roberson
Cara Filler
Sloane Lewis


Medallion that he had from Alcoholics Anonymous to remind him…
Conducted Red Ribbon activities such as the Chain of Life…
His commitment to protect what we cherish most – our children…
A vehicle for communities and individuals to take a stand…
For me, it’s a time of reflecting on my life to remind myself…
Surround yourself with people who are fun, supportive…


2 thoughts on “A Post for the Red Ribbon Blogging Enthusiast

  1. Thanks Mystery blogger for all you do! We appreciate your dedication for educating and working hard to keep all of us safe.

  2. Thanks Mystery Blogger! It’s been a pleasure to work with you all these years! I also appreciate your hard work and dedication to your job of educating our youth to keep themselves safe. Retired Trooper McCool