A KHP Trooper’s view

As my career in law enforcement with Kansas Highway Patrol continues to grow, so did my opportunity to interact with the youths in Kansas thanks to Kansas Family Partnership. KFP sponsored programs such as Red Ribbon, SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions and KYLS, Kansas Youth Leadership Summit that directly involves Kansas youths are coordinated by Maria Torrez Anderson. Maria recognized the benefits of KFP and KHP working together for long before we were introduced and extended that opportunity to me when I was appointed as a Public Resources Officer for the KHP in Topeka.

Maria and I have talked about the similarities that KFP and KHP share such as being “Statewide”, improving the quality of life for Kansas teens and supporting awareness/prevention campaigns. The “Statewide” is as important as the safety programs themselves. We are both available to all the teens in Kansas and their families as resources to provide factual information so they can educate themselves so they can make the best life changing choices as they can. Supporting a program such as Red Ribbon, which has skill building activities regarding the dangers (not limited too) of substance use that teens create, develop and participate in during Red Ribbon week we can encourage them to expand these skills and use them the rest of their lives. The teamwork with KFP has opened doors for Kansas State Trooper’s to be positive role models for many teens in Kansas and for us to start them thinking about a rewarding career with the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Thanks again KFP for letting KHP be on your team,

Trp. DR Hughes II
Kansas Red Ribbon Chair, 2014-2015

2 thoughts on “A KHP Trooper’s view

  1. The quote “It takes a village to raise one child.” comes to mind as we talk about the many different agencies that work together to help raise Kansas kids. Thanks for your comments Don. Tim (Retired Trooper McCool)

  2. “Dream Big, Start Small” is a slogan used by Compassion International and is a perfect fit for your article Don. I can’t imagine that when you began your career as a law enforcement officer that you ever dreamed that you would be given the opportunity to impact an entire state’s youth population. Yet that is exactly what Kansas Family Partnership and the Kansas Highway Patrol do when they participate in programs like Red Ribbon and SADD. By providing today’s youth with prevention education tools, support and encouragement you effectively lead the next generation to bigger and brighter futures. For every school that you enter, for every meeting that you host, for every teen that you mentor you are providing the basis for a strong foundation for the future ahead. This is an accomplishment that you should take pride in and an example to all of us that even the smallest acts can result in big accomplishments.