Youth Inspire Me

When I got involved with Red Ribbon, it was a work related request,
something to do with prevention and that was part of my job description as a
soldier working for Counterdrug Task Force. I was wholly unaware of what I
would learn and what would change in my thought process when I started to
attend the committee meetings. I supported the RR Week with fun activities
and things that would distract kids from the daily humdrum of life, but
after working with this group for over 12 years, they have helped me to
understand how important my example is to others and the effects we can have
on our local communities when we see a change that needs to be made. Red
Ribbon Week is only the beginning of understanding and helping others to
understand the importance of taking steps to ensure a healthy future. The
Leadership I see with the youth who participate in the activities that
surround Red Ribbon and prevention as a whole inspires me. I take pride in
the fact that I get to witness change on a large scale when they are working
on action plans and community awareness.

SFC Shelly Mann
Counterdrug Task Force
785-861-3942 (O)
785-861-3953 (f)

One thought on “Youth Inspire Me

  1. I would agree that one could not help but to become inspired by all of the wonderful activities that come along with being involved with Red Ribbon. I really enjoy the idea of being involved with the leaders of tomorrow and helping them to become productive members of society.