Kansas Red Ribbon Campaign

As a former Chair of the Red Ribbon Committee I was fortunate enough to see how impactful the community, parents, and students can be in the fight against substance abuse. Kansas Family Partnership was able to bring together a group of professionals, parents and students from all over the state of Kansas and come together as one to help educate, prevent and outreach to the different communities all over this state.
Chairing the Red Ribbon Committee was a great experience for me professionally and personally. I was able to bring statistics to my professional career as well as in the schools where my girls attend. I was more educated in knowing what to expect and how I can be an advocate in helping prevent substance abuse and use in among our youth today. Even today, as I changed careers from being a LMSW (Social Worker) to an Insurance Agent with Shelter Insurance, I still use the knowledge base from the Red Ribbon Committee to help educate those who come into my office. I will continue to support the committee in whatever way I can and feel very passionate about the work that Kansas Family Partnership has done to help continue this wonderful mission.

Tammy Adams, LMSW
Agent-Shelter Insurance
2708 NW Topeka Blvd

2 thoughts on “Kansas Red Ribbon Campaign

  1. As a current member of the Red Ribbon Committee, I completely agree with Tammy’s comments. The Red Ribbon Campaign provides a valuable opportunity for parents, educators and community members to join forces and fight the battle against youth drug use. Today’s youth face a great deal of peer pressure, and our goal is to engage and empower youth to make healthy choices and remain drug free. I am honored to be a member of the Red Ribbon Committee and to be a part of an amazing group fighting this battle.

  2. I also agree with Tammy’s comments. As a current member of the Red Ribbon Committee and mother of four, I am committed in supporting the fight against the abuse of drugs and alcohol our youth. With today’s peer pressure, it is a constant battle and organizations like this provide the best education and support for parents, educators and youth. I am very proud to be a part of this organization.